Through so many fences, through so many lenses / We capture the light and defeat the darkness. Always seeking the truth, seeking for our roots, / We are writing our life in rich colors - chronicles of misery or wealth. From the black depths of our souls to the very lightness of our faith / We render with many different shades of gray / A glimpse of reality, a sparkle of future or only the past fading away. Seeing evil, seeing truth, seeing bad or seeing good, / But never judging with the mind what the heart cannot see, /Abandoning ourselves, we keep our spirits free. So many unshared worries and so many unwritten stories, / Forgotten destinies and hidden truths, / We immortalize the magic of an instant / By painting it with beautiful rays of light.

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Fotografia mea
My passion is photography. I am practicing it as a hobby and my camera is always with me, wherever I go...

marți, 2 august 2011


Nu este un exercitiu de fotografie, nici documentar sau vreun gest frumos de Craciun. Este un fragment de realitate, din viata noastra, a fiecaruia. Ei sunt parintii nostri, bunicii nostri, inaintasii nostri, batranii nostri dragi, buni si intelepti. Cei care ne-au dat viata, ne-au ingrijit, ne-au hranit, ne-au spalat si mai presus de toate, ne-au iubit! Intr-un cuvant, cei carora, in afara de bunul Dumnezeu, le datoram prezenta noastra umila si pasagera in aceast univers. Pentru toate acestea, noi, in infinita noastra recunostinta, le oferim in schimb... uitarea.